2013′s Penis Extenders “Exposed”

Do you suffer from a small penis? Or … perhaps your insecure in the bedroom and wish you had more size to increase your confidence?


Or maybe you’ve always wanted to be hung like a horse?These are just a few of the reasons why size matters and men chose to use natural penis enlargement. For us guys having a big dick means greater sexual performance and improved self-esteem. One of the most popular devices to hit the market in recents years is the penis extender (also known as a traction device), due to the fact that tension and traction are used to stretch the penis. The constant pulling helps to physiologically change the size of the shaft at the cellular level resulting in permanent changes. These are real gains in both length and girth,as backed by clinical studies, and unlike all the other snake oil products being sold.

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Developed in Europe, these medical devices were originally designed to help treat those who suffered from Peyronie’s Disease. In fact, extenders were originally intended to straighten the penis from its pronounced and unnatural curve. It was later discovered that they were equally effective at permanently increasing ones size safely and naturally. They found that it was a much safer and cheaper alternative to the costly enlargement surgery that can be potentially risky and ineffective.

Why Extenders Are Better Than Other Methods:

How Do They Work?

No rocket science here. Extenders use traction to lengthen the penis and expand its girth. A ring is placed at the base of the shaft while it is still flaccid. There are two steel rods protruding from the ring, and these rods have a cushioned grip at the end of them. This grip is clamped around the penis, which is then pulled away from the body and held out. The tension will be light, but enough to help pull it away from the body just enough so that a small amount of discomfort is felt.

The device is worn 5 times a week and for several hours at a time. It is recommended to remove the device every 20 or so minutes in order to allow sufficient blood circulation. Without proper circulation, the cells will not divide properly and the risk of damage is higher. Some people have even used the device while sleeping but that a bad idea because you could inadvertently cut off blood flow while you remain unconscious dreaming of your big cock. Obviously, we don’t recommend that.

By using the device on a constant basis, physiological changes begin to occur. The body responds by causing the penis’ cells to divide and grow. Once significant gains have been made, the rods are adjusted to place more tension on the penis, thus forcing it to grow even more order to accommodate the increased tension. Over the course of a few months changes are noticeable in both length and girth – though the length improvement is the more noticeable of the two.

Don’t expect overnight. Natural enlargement is a slow process that takes time, patience,  and dedication. This is because pulling the penis too tight could rip the muscles, and thus the tension has to be minimal in order to avoid injury or serious discomfort. The tension causes the cells to divide at a much slower rate, and thus the growth rate is slower yet safer. It is not an overnight cure that will instantly increase the size of your cock. It will take several months of regular useage. Those who are willing to spend sufficient time using an extender will find that their efforts will pay off, and they will sport that bulge and size they always wanted.

Is Their Clincal Evidence To Support The Claims?

The National Congress of the Spanish Association of Andrology conducted a study in 2001 to determine what impact the extenders would have on Peyronie’s Disease. The study was done on 26 males, and the six month study determined that the penis extenders were effective. The average penis size at the beginning of the study was 14.4 centimeters, but grew to 16.5 centimeters by the end of the test. The test showed that continuous tension on the penis could actually help to increase the cellular division rate and thus grow the penis.

A study was also conducted by the San Giovanni Battista Hospital at the University of Turin, Italy. The study involved 15 males, with an average flaccid penis measurement of 1.5 inches (or 2.75 when stretched). The study was conducted over a period of six months, and used a commercial penis extender. By the end of the test, the average growth seen was 1 inch when flaccid and half an inch of length when the penis was erect.

What these studies and others demonstrate is that in all cases consistent use lead to consistent results and predictably larger penises.

The History of Traction

Humans have been elongating body parts long before extenders were invented. You may have heard of the “Giraffe” women of South Africa. Located in the borders of Burma and Thailand reside the Kayan peoples with a population of only 40,000. They are characterized by their long necks which are developed at the the early age of five year olds. By using rings placed on the neck,  the clavicle and rib cage is pressed against while the neck is gradually elongated.

These neck rings consist of spiral metal coils worn around a persons neck. Some tribes such as the Kayan people begin to use them as early as age two. The South African Ndebele people also wear neck rings with the practice starting at  marriage.

All About Penis Enlargement Treatments

Many people are under the impression that all men would like to increase their erection size, or at least this is the impression one gets if you begin reading online articles relating to male enlargement products, or to put it more euphemistically, erectile enhancement. However, it’s not all men who desire to be bigger in the pants.

As the title suggests, I’m addressing this topic in the hope that it might benefit men who are actively seeking a safe and effective means to permanent gains. In the paragraphs that follow, we’ll look at the various options men have, the effectiveness of the various options, the risks, the disadvantages, and of course we’ll also look at the cost

Before we begin to go into any detail regarding the various methods of penis enlargement, I need to point out that there are two VERY distinct classifications:

1. Permanent Enlargement
2. Temporary Enlargement

Countless men around the world get duped into buying a device which they believe will increase their size, and little do they realize that any increase in length will only be short lived. Unfortunately, there are thousands of internet marketers who deliberately try their best to obscure the difference between permanent and temporary resultst, but if you continue reading, you’ll hopefully be able to avoid making the same mistake so many others have made.

Penile Pumps

Pumps are perhaps the most famous type of male gential enlargement device, but do they work? In one sense, one could say they do work, although it would in a way be misleading, since there is no medical evidence to suggest they can bring about permanent gains for length or girth. Users can experience a temporary increase in size but this only lasts for 20 mins.

Vacuum pumps were specifically designed for men with erectile dysfunction. The device, when pumped, increases blood flow to the genitals, thereby helping a man to achieve a bigger erection. Men who don’t suffer from erectile dysfunction, and who use these pumps, often report an increase in length, but once the penis returns to its flaccid state, the increase in length disappears.

Conclusion: Vacuum pumping is very affordable; they’re easy to use and they’re convenient. They can also often allow men with erectile dysfunction to enjoy a normal sex life. On the downside, they are not the answer for those seeking porn star sized status. Their is also risks associated due to excessive pressure causing vascular damage, bruising, and blisters. They are best used recreationally.

Pills and Supplements

While countless internet marketers claim their “natural” pills and supplements can successfully increase the overall size of a man’s sexual organs, the medical community tends to disagree. To date, there is no credible (scientifically backed) evidence to show that these types of enhancement pills cause any permanent gains. Additionally, as has been pointed out numerous times, if male enhancer pills or other such supplements really worked, surely the giant pharmaceutical companies would have patented a few of their own.

Yes, we have Viagra, but as most people already know, Viagra only boosts male libido and does not make you bigger. It simply helps men to achieve erections, and once the effect of the medication wears off, or the man is finished ejaculating, the benefits wear off.

Another concern about pills and supplements is the fact that manufacturers aren’t bound by the same code of ethics as are the pharmaceutical companies. In some cases where these sorts of products were analyzed, some were found to contain traces of animal excrement, possibly because they contained herbs gathered from fields where livestock had been grazing.

Conclusion: Viagra-like Enhancement pills and supplements are highly affordable, but their effectiveness is also highly questionable. Some people claim they have had successful results, but the fact of the matter is, there is no scientific nor clinical evidence to support this. Stay away from these natural herbal enhancers.


As is obvious, the biggest advantage of this method is that it’s totally free. It’s also a very convenient method since the exercises can be done anytime and anywhere. Most workout programs include a number of different natural exercises, which should ideally be performed while the penis is in a semi-erect state. For a majority of men, this is the biggest barrier, since very few men are able to keep their shaft in this state. The physical stimulation almost always results in an erection, at which point the effectiveness diminishes.

So, can natural length and girth exercises such as jelqing honestly increase the size of your member? To be honest, I’m slightly reluctant to comment on this since there seems to be so much conflicting evidence. On the one hand, it’s a well know fact that certain tribes used to employ similar techniques in order to enlarge their sex organs, and pictures, as well as historical studies, show that the men in the tribes enjoyed considerable success. On the other hand, doctors argue that there is no clinical evidence to back up claims that daily exercises can result in a longer and thicker dick.

Conclusion: The program doesn’t cost you anything apart from a bit of your time each day. It is convenient, and for some men, they can be very pleasurable as well. The main downside of this method is that most men will find they have to masturbate in order to prevent themselves from getting an erection. In addition, there is a lack of scientific research to support it.


Many men tend to believe that phalloplasty enlargement surgery is a fail proof option, but in reality, only a small percentage of operations deliver the expected results. Not only are many of the operations unsuccessful at increasing length and/or girth, but many also result in sever abnormalities, which quite often then prevent men from engaging in sexual intercourse follow their operations.

The risks that accompany surgery are so great, that many cosmetic surgeons refuse to do the procedure unless it’s absolutely necessary. Doctors are simply not willing to risk their reputation, and neither they willing to be sued for millions of dollars. Instead, they simply turn patients away, but of course one can always find doctors who are willing to oblige.

Conclusion: Cosmetic surgery can effectively increase both the length and girth, and if the procedure is successful, the results can be quite dramatic, and of course the results are instantaneous. On the downside, surgeon fees are incredibly expensive and notoriously risky.

Doctor Approved Penis Extenders

“Dick” enlargers have without question experienced a rapid increase in terms of popularity, even though they are still a topic of much discussion. These are medical grade mechanical devices which are designed to be attached to the penis and left in place for several hours each day. The wearer attaches the extender and adjusts the tension which is responsible for stretching the tissue. As the length of your cock increases, the tension is increased so as to cause further tissue growth.

While manufacturers cannot offer any guarantees, there are a growing number of doctors recommending these devices to their patients since positive results have been noted. Malso favor this option since the devices are affordable, and can be worn discreetly under any loose fitting pants.

Conclusion: Penis stretchers are affordable, and they offer hope for those men seeking permanent gains in size. On the downside, they need to be worn for several hours per day, and it can take several months before any results are seen. However, this is one of hthe only options that guarantees safe and permanent results.

Featured on CBS News

The internet is rife with products that promise to increase the size of the male penis, unfortunately a good many of these products are nothing more than the modern day equivalent of snake oil. Pills, lotions and powders of all types are advertised everywhere, you may even see them in your local convenience store but most are a complete waste of money. Is there any product on the market that can increase the length or girth of the penis? There are a couple which show promise, according to an article published on CBS news.

Short Penis Syndrome

Before examining a product to deal with small size it is important that you understand what constitutes normal. Too many men suffer from what is known as short penile syndrome, which is where a man feels inadequate despite being well within the range of “normal”. According to urologists Marco Oderda and Paolo Gontero this syndrome is common and can be addressed through cognitive therapy or the use of penis extenders.


An extender is a mechanical traction device that is worn on the penis over a specific period of time. The system of traction is geared to stretching the tissue and cells of the penis, encouraging growth through the healing process. Extenders are specially designed for comfort and adjustable so you can pursue the biggest gains possible.

Do They Work?

More important that why or what is do these devices work? Surprisingly enough the evidence shows they can add inches in both length and girth to the penis through cell division. The exact gains each man can expect will of course vary, some men see less than an inch in gains while others have reported several inches.


The first thing you need to do is see your medical professional, particularly if you are considering a traction device due to a rapid decline in sexual function. As you age it is normal to see a gradual decline, but rapid changes can be an indicator that something is medically wrong. Once you are medically cleared you should be prepared to wear the device several hours per day over several months.


There are several brands on the market today; one that has grabbed the attention of researchers however is the X4 Labs Extender. Laurence Levine, an urologist and director of male fertility program at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, tested the device on 10 patients. Each of these men suffered peronei’s disease which can lead to bending and shrinking of the penis. The results were remarkable, every man in the study showed reduced curvature and increased length while several also had increases in girth.

Latest Study Says Size Does Matter

Size doesn’t matter is a phrase you will hear from women around the globe, but is it just a platitude? Some researchers are beginning to question the assertion that  having a big dick is unimportant. They say there is some evidence to suggest that it is important, at least for some women. These are the findings reported by researchers in The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Study Parameters

Stuart Brody, psychologist at the University of West Scotland conducted the research, which was to question a number of women about their sexual activities. Brody and his colleagues set the study up in this manner:

There were 323 women, mostly from the university, participants. They were each asked a series of questions, which included: recent sexual activity, ability to orgasm and whether penile length affected that ability. For this study the average shaft size was determined to be between 5.8” and 6.1”. Results of the study:


Orgasm types are a hotly debated topic, the first differences noted by Sigmund Freud many years ago. It is believed that there are two ways for a woman to orgasm, via clitoral stimulation and from penile penetration or vaginal orgasm. For a long time it was widely held that a vaginal orgasm was more desired leading to the debate on penis length. Thankfully those myths have been addressed for the most part.


According to http://www.livescience.com/23785-penis-size-matters-orgasms.html, other researchers point to the small scope of the study and the fact that women orgasm differently, some vaginal and some clitoral stimulation. For this reason many are reserving judgment on the veracity of these claims. Barry Kamisaruk, a female sexual response researcher, states that there are simply too many variables such as personal preference. He admits that some women may prefer a longer penis to achieve vaginal orgasms, but that does not mean it is true across the board.

Beverly Whipple, one of the discoverers of the G-spot suggests the research is too goal oriented and that sexuality is healthier when focusing on the scope of sexual interaction, from cuddling and kissing to other stimulation. She does concede that some women may indeed feel like bigger is better when it comes to vaginal orgasms.

Final Thoughts

It’s no secret that being big is important. Women love the penetration and men love the empowerment and confidence of being hung in the bedroom. Having a big cock and being able to stretch a woman’s vagina and knowing you can fill her up is a great feeling for both men and women. Being hung has both physiological and psychological benefits. Women love being filled by a big cock. Whether they admit is another story but the results of the survey say otherwise. Unfortunately, a lot of men underestimate how much of an improvement and important difference it can have on their sex lives. The good news is you have options today and can safey increase your penile size in the comforts of your home.